BoyGirllogo125bridallogo512For hundreds of years, expectant mothers have relied on time-tested methods of guessing their baby’s gender. Even though these old wives’ tales or myths are far from fool-proof, they are certainly more fun than the more reliable ultrasound. What could be more fun than trying to guess the gender of your baby-to-be?
There are two apps that explore 25 myths that will certainly promote a lot of discussion. Explore each myth to determine how it applies to you. When complete, this app will let you know the possibility of having a boy or a girl. Boy or Girl Predictor and Boy or Girl games are available on Apple, Amazon, Windows and Android App Stores

Boy or Girl Predictor Includes:

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Like all moms-to-be, you’re certainly wondering whether you’re in store for the birth of a baby boy or baby girl. How can you possibly wait until for that week 20 ultrasound to find out? Boy or Girl Game is an app that will give you a sneak peek at your baby’s gender and help you pass the time until your sonogram and beyond until your baby arrives!

Before the days of ultrasounds, expectant mothers used various techniques to predict the genders of their babies before birth. With Boy or Girl Game, you can put 25 of the most well-known traditional methods of determining the sex of a baby to the test! This app guides you through each method step by step and then calculates the probability of having a baby boy or a baby girl using the results that you input. While the app only gives you a best guess answer, it’s sure to be plenty of fun trying out all the methods of guessing a baby’s sex!

Along with the Baby Prediction feature, Boy or Girl Game includes six entertaining baby games. Play the Baby Kiss Game and join tiles for game play similar to 2048 or match jewels in Baby Jewel Game, a game inspired by Candy Crush and Bejeweled. There’s also a touch the white tile game called Touch the Baby, the Baby Name Game to give you some naming inspiration, the flappy bird game Baby Stork and Baby Trivia. With the free version, you can enjoy unlimited play of the Baby Kiss Game and try each of the other games once. Unlock the full version to play all of the games again and again.

bgThe Boy or Girl Game promises hours of entertainment and plenty of fun for expectant moms. As you play the games repeatedly, you’ll earn Happy Baby Points and unlock special achievements. Along the way, you’ll get helpful tips related to pregnancy, infant care and baby shower planning. The game also makes it easy to share scores and see how you stack up to friends.

Are you having a baby boy or baby girl? Get the best possible guess based on 25 traditional methods of predicting a baby’s sex. Pass the time with fun, challenging games and learn valuable information about caring for yourself and your baby! Download Boy or Girl Game today!

Product Features:

– Explore 25 traditional methods for predicting the sex of a baby

– Compile the results of your tests and find out the likelihood that you’re having a boy or a girl

– Free version includes 5 sample games and one full game to keep expectant moms occupied while waiting for appointments and relaxing at home

– Full version includes 6 fun baby-themed games: the Baby Kiss Game, the Baby Jewel Game, Touch the Baby Game, Baby Name Game, Baby Stork Game and Baby Trivia

– Unlock achievements and get tips on having a healthy pregnancy, caring for your baby and planning a baby shower

– Accumulate Happy Baby Points as you play and unlock achievements

– Share your scores and see how you compare to friends and other moms-to-be

Boy or Girl Games Includes:
babygamesmenuIncluded in the pro edition of this app are a 6 games and activities that you can play to keep you occupied during your pregnancy:

1. Baby Jewel Game: If you like bejewelled, you will love Baby Jewel. Match the baby jewels in three  different game plays, Blitz (60 seconds), Arcade (Endless game play), Timed (Collect Jewels before time runs out)

2. Baby Name Game: Having a challenge picking your baby’s name? Match the various 5 letter baby names in the time allocated. It may give you some great ideas.

3. Baby Stork Game: If you like flappy bird, you will love the baby stork game. Help the stork fly though the bottles to deliver the baby. If you collect the pacifiers, teddies and rattles on the way, you will receive additional points.

4. Baby Trivia: Want to know when the longest pregnancy was or the largest baby ever born? Test your knowledge of baby trivia and also discover new and interesting facts.

5.Baby Diaper Game: The diapers are invaders from space! Stop the diapers from reaching the ground or throwing bottles and squirting milk at the babies in the pram.

6.Baby Kiss Game: If you like 2048, you will love the baby kiss game. Match the numbered  baby tiles to kiss babies around the world.

7.Baby Shower Ideas:  Included in the app are game ideas for your baby shower. Practical suggestions are provided to show how you can use this app at your baby shower and much


8.Tips for Expecting:  Included in the app are tips for the expecting. Practical suggestions are provided to assist with the pregnancy and the care of the baby once born.

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Below are practical suggestions  to assist with the pregnancy and the care of the baby once born:


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