It is Christmas Eve and the reindeer is hungry. Find the treats, so that he can help Santa deliver all the presents to children around the world.

Fetch Santa’s magic key to unlock the hidden treasure in Santa’s sack. If the sack is unlocked, receive additional points for each treasure found inside.

The reindeer has three chances to avoid the falling Christmas decorations.

Touch the hand to decorate all of the world’s Christmas trees.

Collect a diamond to gain a life.

As you play, over time you will unlock each of Santa’s reindeers in Santa’s sack. Once achieved, you can change your reindeer
into a different one to help Santa.

If the reindeer collide with the  various elves that protect Santa’s treasure sack, points will be lost.

However, if you find Santa, you will gain additional points. Visit “Where’s Santa?” to post your score on Game Center.


• Entertaining gameplay
• 6 Christmas scenes to choose from
• Tropical Christmas scene has a tropical santa, elves and lots of cold treats
• Achievements to change into other reindeer
• Find santa and post your scores to Game Center
• Challenge friends and post to the leaderboard
• Choose from a variety of music tracks
• Easy tap-to-play functionality
• Learn all about reindeer

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