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Tips for Weight Loss


 Below are some great tips for healthy weight release:


Tip 1: Only have 400 to 600 calorie meals

Make sure to only have a 400 to 600 calorie meal as more in one sitting will result in weight gain. This includes a balance of Protein, Carbohydrates, Fat and Vegetables.


400-600 Calorie Meal Plan


Click on the link below to download a suggested meal plan:

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Tip 2: Use Garcinia Cambogia Extract to lose weight

If you want to lose weight, did you know that you can access pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract here in Australia through Paradise Nutrients (at Wholesale Prices), plus Paradise Nutrients also add 74+ Plant Derived Minerals which provides even more health and weight loss benefits! It is a safe way of losing weight! Zero fillers, zero binders, no artificial sweeteners.

Garcinia Cambogia is what Dr. Oz (Host of the USA TV show) and many of his guest health professionals are raving about for weight loss and so are the many people who are using it! 

Weight Rehab. Lose weight

· Look younger

· Increase energy levels

· Overcome illness

· Defy ageing

· Increase self-esteem

· Speed up metabolism

Weight loss is one topic that many us of know we need to address yet we tend to avoid. Despite our good intentions to lose weight, busyness, a lack of energy and/or will-power jeopardise our efforts.

Imagine having a product that literally tells your body to lose weight!

PN Weight Rehab is made from a combination of Garcinia Cambogia fruit compounds and 74 plant derived minerals. PN’s Garcinia Cambogia powder comes from a fruit grown in the forests of Southern Asia, where it has been used for thousands of years as a dietary supplement. Recognized as a super food, it is now being used in the West as a revolutionary way to fight hunger, promote weight loss and naturally boost energy levels.

Tip 3: You are what you eat

Take control of you life with help from  Gillian McKeith’s website below: 

You Are What You Eat from Gillian Mckeith on Vimeo.



Tip 4: Use Glutathione to cleanse and improve health

Do you need to cleanse?…if you have an immune system, you need Glutathione! It is responsible for eliminating many different environmental poisons! If you are healthy and want to maintain your health, enhancing your GSH levels, you can help your body maintain it’s optimal health. It is important to know that as you age, your body’s production of Glutathione slowly decreases starting from about 20 years of age. The rate of decline really increases from the age of 40 onwards…especially if you have a poor diet or taking medication! Would this explain why many people are tired, stressed, overweight and suffering from many diseases at an early age now?

Diseases related to depletion of Glutathione or GSH:

  • Neurodegenerative Diseases: i.e. Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.
  • Ageing Diseases: i.e. Arthritis, Diabetes, Macular Degeneration, Prostate problems, etc.
  • Cancer: i.e. Breast, Prostate, Lung, Skin, Ovarian, Liver, Stomach, etc.
  • Liver Diseases: i.e. Toxic Hepatitis, Cirrhosis, Viral Hepatitis (A,B,C), etc.
  • Lung Diseases: i.e. Asthma Emphysema, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Cystic Fibroses, etc.
  • Cardiovascular Diseases: i.e. Heart, Kidney, Stroke, High blood pressure, etc.
  • Digestive Diseases: i.e. Inflammatory bowel, Crohns, Gastritis, Pancreatitis, etc.
  • Kidney Failure & Dialysis: i.e. Renal toxicity, Oxidative stress from Dialysis, etc.
  • Infectious Diseases & Immunology: i.e. HIV & AIDS, Herpes, Common Cold, C.F.S, etc.
  • Skin Disorders: i.e. Psoriases, Eczema, Dermatitis, Acne Vularis, etc.
  • Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat & Teeth: Hearing Loss, Ear Infections, Sinusitis, Periodontal, etc.
  • Pregnancy, Lactation & Childbirth: i.e. Hypertension, Diabetes, Pre-eclampsia, etc.
  • Exercise & Athletic Performance: i.e. Over-training syndrome & related oxidative stress, etc.
  • Male Problems: i.e.Prostate Enlargement, Prostrate Cancer, Male Infertility, etc.

Why do you need to Detoxify?

Detoxification is a simple process that removes cellular level toxins from the organs responsible for elimination: kidneys, colon, skin, liver and the lymphatic system. Toxins can disrupt normal flow of the body, cause fatigue, aches and pains and depression – all of which lead to illness. Cleaning the body helps sustain its flow of life, increase energy and assists the immune system. It also helps to reduce your weight when on a healthy diet and when hydrating your body every day with lots of water!

Toxins are absorbed through the water you drink, the food you eat and through the air you breathe. Detoxifiying is one of the most important things you can do for optimal health, vibrant energy and toxic-free living. Anyone with multiple chemical sensitivities, autoimmune diseases, inflammation, arthritis, allergies and chronic pain may notice some relief from their symptoms.

Do you think good supplements will absorb into your cells 100% if they are clogged?…the answer is NO!

This is why I am now taking two Cellgevity every day, (with my Paradise Nutrients Veggie Mins). I will increase the dosage to four a day when my body adjusts to detoxification. I have already noticed a HUGE difference in my energy levels and sleep patterns. My husband’s pain from his Osteoarthritis, has reduced to a point that he no longer is in constant pain anymore. A friend’s frozen shoulder pain reduced, almost instantly, after taking just two Cellgevity capsules and she slept deeply that night, without pain, for the first time in several months! The feedback I am receiving from many people about the results they are having since taking Cellgevity is simply amazing as well as with MaxOne (for people with chronic health conditions), and how in such a small space of time these products are improving their health, lifestyle and pain levels…Noela


CeCellgevityllgevity fights the root causes of premature aging, oxidative stress and intercellular inflammation by providing the breakthrough compound RiboCeine with 11 other synergistic ingredients to enhance your body’s development of Glutathione.





MaxOne is powered only by exclusive RiboCeine technology, is the most effective way to help your cells produce Glutathione on demand. It provides the answer to how you can effectively increase your Glutathione levels. Just two capsules of MaxOne a day provide the components your body needs to fight oxidative stress and help you feel better.

It has taken many years of research and commitment by renowned medicinal chemist Dr. Herbert T. Nagasawa and other medical experts to develop these two real health scientific breakthroughs!

Be aware that Glutathione that is available on the shelf out in the marketplace cannot absorb into your body as your stomach acids will destroy it. Glutathione that is injected into your body can lead to irreversible health problems.


Visit this Website to see and hear what Dr. Don Colbert and other leading Medical Experts say:



Tip 5: Use probiotics to lose cravings and weight

PN SupaBoost Probiotic

Do you suffer from one of these conditions? i.e. there are more than 200 studies linking inadequate probiotic levels to more than 170 different diseases and health issues; here are just a few:

• Celiac disease, leaky gut, and irritable bowel syndrome
• Mood, psychological health, and behavioural disorders
• Insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes
PN SupaBoost capsThe common cold, influenza, and pneumonia
• Liver diseases, such as cirrhosis and cancer
• Eczema, atopic dermatitis, and acne
• Chronic fatigue syndrome
• Food and wheat allergies
• Weight gain and obesity

There are approximately 100 TRILLION living bacteria that reside in your gut. That’s more than 10 times the number of cells you have in your entire body – and maintaining the ideal ratio of  “good bacteria” (known as probiotics) to “bad bacteria” is now gaining recognition as perhaps the single most important step you can take to protect your health and further along, your fat loss goals. The ideal healthy ratio of “good” to “bad” bacteria is 85% to 15%, or 9 to 1.

Are you experiencing these symptoms? i.e. are you experiencing some of the more advanced signs that your intestinal bacterial balance is beginning to spin out of control?…such as:

• Gas and bloating
• Constipation and/or diarrhea
• Acid reflux
• Skin problems
• Overall sickness
• Headaches
• Urinary tract infections
• Trouble sleeping
• An inability to lose weight
• Sugar cravings, especially for heavily refined carbs

Unfortunately, due to lifestyle and environmental factors, the vast majority of the population is severely lacking when it comes to good probiotic bacteria, throwing their gut flora ratio completely out of whack, this is why we need to supplement with Probiotics, especially if we suffer from the conditions as mentioned above.


PN SupaBoost intestinesWhat makes Paradise Nutrients SupaBoost Probiotics different? Their probiotics are delivered in a delayed release veggie capsule which has been shown to release only 20% of its content within the first 2 hours. This ensures that the probiotic strains are released in the gut while still alive and are able to colonise the gut wall. The intestinal flora is made up of many kinds of living bacteria that have a symbiotic relationship with the rest of the body. Probiotics have been linked with successful rebuilding of friendly gut flora and which are available in supplement form. Free from wheat, gluten, soy, animal products, corn, sugar, lactose, sodium, egg, nuts and artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

Each PN Supa capsule contains: 25 billion CFU’s
Lactobacillus acidophilus …. 15 Billion CFU’s
Lactobacillusrhamnosis ……. 5.5 Billion CFU’s
Bifidobacteriumlactis ………. 4.5 Billion CFU’s


Various factors such as poor diet, alcohol intake, excessive stress and the use of certain medications may contribute to changes in the makeup of this ecosystem. Such shifts in the balance of intestinal flora have long been considered to have significant health effects. Probiotics are involved in:

PN SupaBoost Probiotic picture

• Improving your digestion;
• Producing vitamins;
• Relieving symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS);
• Detoxifying chemicals;
• Producing nutrients to repair the gut lining;
• Increasing resistance to infections and regulating the
immune function;
• Preventing the overgrowth of bad bacteria.

For more information regarding this health product, contact us below.

Tip 6: Exercise can be beneficial towards weight loss

Exercise will fill up your lungs with oxygen and help you to feel less fatigued. It will also help reduce your weight by burning calories. 20 minutes of walking or general exercise each day will do the trick!

Tip 7: You can choose not to be fat, sick and nearly dead

Joe Cross made a decision to change his life. Take the time to view his Full Movie Version of his journey back to good health. For people seriously wanting to improve their health, it is worth 90 minutes of your time to see how Joe did it!
Here is a youtube link:

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Top Tips for a Healthy Digestion



Tips to Increase your energy!


Tip 1: Non-dietary causes of fatigue include:

Some non-dietary causes of tiredness include:

.  Lack of sleep

.  Stress

.  An under-active thyroid gland

.  Diabetes

.  Depression

Tip 2: If you feel tired you may need iron

Iron is needed to make haemoglobin, a pigment found in red blood cells that transports oxygen around the body, releasing it where it’s needed.

Oxygen is needed to ‘fuel’ the body, so if the oxygen doesn’t get to where it should be, your body’s cells will feel ‘starved’, and you’ll feel tired and run down.

Tip 3: Iron Friends and Foes

Some foods help your absorption of iron, while others hinder it:

 .  Vitamin C eaten at the same time as iron-containing foods really boosts your iron uptake, so drink a glass of orange juice with your meal.

 .  High-fibre diets, especially insoluble fibre such as bran, hinders iron absorption. Fibre is good for you, and vegetarian iron sources are high in fibre themselves. Remember that:

 .  Tea and coffee contains tannins, which interfere with iron uptake. Don’t drink them with meals, and save them for occasional between-meal treats.

 .  Spinach and rhubarb contain plant chemicals called oxalates, which also hinder iron absorption.  Don’t serve them with iron-rich foods.

Tip 4: Avoid Going on a Diet

 Ignore these diet myths – they’re untrue, and can be dangerous:

 .  The stricter the diet, the better it will work. Wrong! You’ll get bored and miserable, and probably give up.

 .  Very-low-calorie diets are the best way to lose weight.  Wrong! You’ll lose out on vital nutrients, and confuse your body’s natural weight-regulation mechanism.

 .  If you eat few enough calories, it doesn’t matter if you don’t do any exercise. Wrong! Exercise is important to keep your body healthy and maintain muscle.

 .  You have to count calories in order to lose weight. Wrong! If you need to lose weight, simply following a healthy diet and nutritional cleansing program that will enable you to shed any excess kilos.

 .  Skipping meals is a good way to lose weight. Wrong! You’ll be more likely to pounce on an unhealthy between-meals snack.

 .  Starchy foods like bread and potatoes make you fat. Wrong! Starchy foods (especially wholegrain) contain important nutrients. It’s usually the fatty toppings, like butter and creamy pasta sauces, that pile on the kilos.

 .  You must cut out all fat in order to lose weight. Wrong! We need a certain proportion of fat in our diets, particularly the polyunsaturated fats found in oily fish, nuts and seeds.

.  Diets based around one food (cabbage, celery, grapefruit etc.) are a good way to lose weight. Wrong! You need a balanced diet to obtain all the essential nutrients from your food.

Tip 5: Use The  Glycaemic Index

Eating nutritious food is not about deprivation. The secret is to choose filling and healthy foods that sustain you between meals. Sugar or sugary foods are absorbed very quickly and needs hardly any processing before it can be used as fuel. Our blood-sugar level rises sharply, and the body thinks, ‘Great – instant energy!’, but all too quickly the fuel is used up or stored.

Look at what happens when we eat protein, fat or complex carbohydrates – that’s the carbohydrates you find in starchy foods such as bread, rice and pasta. These require more time to break down and be absorbed and processed by the body, so our blood sugar rises more slowly and less sharply, and the ‘fuel’ arrives slowly, over a longer time. Rather than get a quick burst of energy, we feel sustained for longer.

Tip 6: If you feel tired you may need fibre

Fibre fills you up and has a range of health benefits, from keeping your digestive system moving to reducing your risk of heart disease and certain cancers. Fibre-rich foods, such as whole grains, fruit and vegetables, are good for us because of the vitamins, minerals and health-promoting phytochemicals (plant chemicals) they contain.While fibre fills us up, it doesn’t fuel our bodies, and it can reduce the amount of nutrients we absorb from our diets if we rely on fibre to make us feel full.  This means ultra-high fibre diets and fibre supplements aren’t the best way to stop us getting peckish between meals – it’s better to rely on those slow release, low GI foods.

Tip 7: Eat super slow-fuel foods

.  Oats

.  Brown pasta

.  Brown rice

.  Wholemeal bread

.  Beans and lentils

.  Apples and pears (tropical fruits are higher in quick-release sugar, so less effective at keeping your blood-sugar levels stable)

Tip 8: Have Marine Minerals



Have you ever stopped and wondered how all the creatures in the sea receive their energy? Think about the little creatures down deep. Some of them even have enough energy to glow and others can give electrical shocks. The answer is simple; MINERALS. The sea is full of a combination of minerals that is a source of nutrition and energy that enables life in the sea to exist. Where do these minerals come from?

Well, lets start with the minerals that come the soil. Over the years, time has taken its toll on our soils and many of the minerals in our top soils have been washed down the rivers into the sea. Not only have the minerals from the soil been washed down the rivers, but plant matter as well. All of these minerals have ended up in the sea and they have been broken down by the constant churning and turning of the ocean. Of course, there are also many ocean currents that determines where these minerals end up. Paradise Nutrients Marine Minerals have been extracted from pristine waters off a select pristine area on the eastern coast of Australia, where the northern and southern waters meet. This means that the minerals from this area are from varied areas. This also contains a huge lava flow that runs over the continental shelf and is covered by an abundance of kelp and sea grasses. One could only imagine what these giant sea plants also release into the sea from minerals that they have digested. It is from this area that Paradise Nutrients Marine Minerals have been extracted. Once extracted, the marine minerals are sent to the lab and excess sea water and sodium is taken away.

At Paradise Nutrients they fuse the Marine Minerals together with their 74 plus Senonian Vegetate Minerals from UTAH, USA. This gives a unique broad spectrum of nutrients from around the world to form a product that not only delivers Nano size marine and colloidal minerals, but also the high energy super conductive benefits that come with them; mineral products that are extremely fine and have the ability to charge the body with high electrical connective energy.

Life as we know it requires liquid water, energy, organic and inorganic molecules. These inorganic molecules are the minerals, the very source of physical life. The disappearance of these vital minerals from our food chain may be contributing to severe health problems around the world. Minerals create the structures which make up our physical framework. They are specific for healing and well being. In the embryonic state, if some of these vital components are missing, then the physical body will be missing what it needs to build various organs and structure. Everything is Mineral dependant! It is the sea which now contains the minerals which we are lacking in our foods. The Marine Monoatomic Elements contain these minerals in a bio-available form.

Marine Minerals comes in a 125ml, 250ml or 500ml bottle. Taken orally you will notice the difference in your health! Marine Minerals can also be added to soups, stews, etc. so all the family receive the health benefits. Can also be used as a nourishing tonic on your face and hair.

Tip 9: Clear your spiritual energy 


Bright-Room-home1The Energy Houses are a wondrous addition to the Alchymeic Product range. They are a key component in supporting us at these times of great energetic need. Originally designed to support practitioners in varying fields giving one-on-one sessions, the Energy Houses hold the intention to clear the psychic environment of a room, building and beyond. They ‘hold’ a space often referred to as sanctuary, an environment that is clear and aligned to supporting our highest potential. That is why these wonderful Energy Houses are being cherished by many people all over the world. Even in big city’s and places where it is difficult to find space, the Energy Houses are supporting those with the intuitive impulse towards all matters of the ‘Light”.



earthheartbeat logo

Earth Heatbeat

ph: (02) 6672 3454

Visit Earth heartbeat 


Tip 10: Exercise

Exercise will fill up your lungs with oxygen and help you to feel less fatigued.

Tip 11: Increase your energy with Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael is the supreme healer in the angelic realm and his chief role is to support, heal, and guide in matters involving health. In Catholicism, he is Saint Raphael, the patron of healing and physicals.

Raphael can help us to:

• Healing, communication & knowledge

• Love, Joy and Laughter,

• Tree of Life and Healing Powers.

• Heal mind, thoughts, body, and soul.

• Suffering from addictions

• Changes to diet and exercise

• Patron Angel of all those in the field of Medicine

Natalie Clarke

Tip 12: Take A Bath

To invigorate yourself when you feel fatigued, add one cup of apple cider vinegar to a warm bath, and splash a handful over your shoulders, back and chest. This will also restore your skin’s natural germ-killing acidity.

Tip 13: Have plant derived minerals


TIP: Did you know that deficiencies in the body are responsible for a lot of the diseases and ailments we have in our society today? This is why everyone needs Minerals! Vitamins are simply useless without adequate minerals!

Just sharing a great tip that was passed on from Paradise Nutrients as their Veggi Mins are packed with 74+ Organic Plant Derived Minerals! This 100% Australian owned company is based in ‘sunny’ Queensland. I like supporting a local company and knowing that the health, laundry, cleaning, personal care and garden products that I use, for myself and my husband, are first choice organic, safe and non-toxic, with no known cancer causing ingredients. I also have a choice of shopping online or phone their office and my goods are delivered in just a few days directly to my door! I also love their WHOLESALE PRICE option!…Noela


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