Note:  A percentage of sales will  be donated to an organisation that supports the conservation of turtles. Together we can make a difference!


This educational resource has many features that can teach children how to care for turtles and the oceans of the world:

1. Story:

James and his little sister Joy were enjoying staying with their friends on a small island at the very top of Australia. After exploring Thursday Island’s rich cultural and historical sites, the children go camping with their Islander friends. While exploring the reef and nearby islands, James, Joy, Mani and Solomon meet a Green Sea Turtle. Will the children  help their new friend complete her quest?

2. Messages:

Many messages are provided to help the turtles and oceans of the world. Heartfelt thanks to Wildlife Warriors and Australia Zoo for assisting with the factual information in this app  and to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, United States Department of Commerce for providing the photos.

3. Age Range:

By educating 6 to 12 year old children through these stories, it will deepen their understanding of people, various cultures, animals and the environment. Together we can make a difference!


4. Additional Features of Apps & iBook Versions:

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a. Games:

Game 1: Save Sandy the Turtle

Save Sandy by preventing her from sinking to the bottom of the ocean. Remove the plastic bags so that Sandy or other marine animals are not harmed.

Game 2: Quiz

Play the quiz to answer questions about the story and messages provided.

b. Activities:  


Activity 1: Magical Dress Up

Dress the Nature Angels with various hair styles, eye colours, traditional Torres Strait Islander outfits, spears and drums.


Activity 1: Care for Sandy the Turtle (Coming Soon!)

Feed, clean and encourage your virtual turtle to sleep. This will help Sandy the turtle to remain energetic, healthy and happy.


c. Interactive Features:

a. Text can be read and listened to.

b. Page turning in the story.

c. This book belongs to: …………. Write in your name.

d. Various audio effects are provided i.e. Hear a real turtle

e. Press the images in the story to see how they move or what pops up!


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Interactive features

a. Interactive Illustrations: Comprehension questions

b. Movie 1: Introduction

c. Movie 2: Meet Sandy the Turtle

d. Movie 3: Turtles can teach you about living

e. Review 1: Discover more about turtles.

f. Review 2: Consider what impacts turtles. 

g. Audio: For audio clarity, the book is read with a computer generated voice.




5. Free educational materials to support “Turtle of the Torres Strait”:

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 6. Versions Available:

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