Paradise Nutrients Veggie mineral capsules contains 74Plus plant derived minerals from A to Z. The minerals that come from a plant are by far the most bio-available source of minerals outside of a fresh food source. They have been assimilated or digested by the plant by a process of photosynthesis which turns them into a carbon based organic molecules known as a water soluble, plant derived, hydrophilic minerals or Colloidal Minerals. According to food chemistry, plant derived minerals are 98 to 100% absorbable by the body. Generally they are 200 to 2,000 times smaller than metallic minerals. Some Colloidal Minerals are no larger than 0.000001 micron and are capable of being absorbed readily into the blood stream and the cells of the body. These microscopic minerals are in liquid suspension. Plant derived Colloidal Minerals are water soluble and carry a natural negative electrical charge. This has two very important benefits. One, it greatly enhances the transport, availability and absorbability of other nutrients from foods and/or vitamins and other supplements and two, it will attract toxins and heavy metals from the body and flush them out. A colloid is a particle substance that retains its identity and  remains in suspension. Yet, not all Colloidal Minerals are plant derived and are then, therefore, Metallic Colloidal  minerals. These minerals are not negatively charged and are not as easily assimilated or absorbed. Comparing Metallic Colloidal Minerals to plant derived Colloidal Minerals is like comparing sawdust to oatmeal. Metallic Colloidal Minerals can still be considered to be as toxic and build up in the body the same as other metallic minerals.


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