Minerals play an important role in almost every function in the body. The human body must maintain a proper chemical balance. This balance depends on the levels of different minerals and the ratio of these minerals one to another. What we need to be conscious of is that, not only are other minerals affected when our mineral balance is a little tilted, but other essential nutrients as well. The fact is that without all of the essential minerals, the body cannot properly utilise important nutrients like vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids and hormone production and this can start a chain reaction of imbalance that can lead to illness. Minerals have an impact on many areas of our bodies. Some examples are: the formation of blood and bone, the proper functioning of body fluids, the maintenance of a healthy nervous system, the regulation of muscle tone, the regulation of the cardio system, energy production, healing and growth, enzyme production and they play a critical role in DNA synthesis. Minerals also help balance Ph levels and assist in maintaining a healthy immune system. Taking the right minerals will assist in detoxifying our bodies of excessive heavy metals or metallic minerals, the formation of blood and bone, proper composition of body fluids, the maintenance of a healthy nerve system, the regulation of muscle tone, the regulation of cardiovascular system, used for healing and growth, to utilise vitamins and other nutrients, for the production of enzymes, is essential for hormone structure, critical in DNA synthesis, helps balance Ph levels, helps neutralize toxic metals, assists the immune system, assists with fatigue management, keeping a healthy reproductive system and sexual performance.

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