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Welcome to the Mix 'n Match Weight Loss & Maintenance Plan from Life Cleansing. This Getting Started Guide will assist you with strategies to achieve optimum success on your journey to wellness. 

Discover the key elements to weight release

#1 reason for weight gain (especially around your belly) is …….


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 The  healthy recipes go hand-in-hand with the Mix ‘n Match Weight Loss and Maintenance Plan.

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Join me on my Weight Release Journey

In 2008, I lost 42 kilos with drinking two Protein Shakes a day, two cleansing days a week and hours of exercise every day for approx. one year. Unfortunately, I was unable to keep it off and have gained more weight from when I started. I wish I knew then, what I know now…the secret not to rebound.  Now it is 2019 and I have started  my journey again as I now have Type 2 Diabetes (2018) as well as an under-active Thyroid (1988). I also have an immune condition called Sarcoidosis (coughed for 8 years) which has been in remission for many years because I take the products from Paradise Nutrients. With all these challenges, I lost in the first month on this new plan, a massive 10 kilos and 10cm from my hips and waist. This of course will vary during my journey and I may lose size, but not notice any weight lost on the scales. I thought that I would put my first degree to use and create an Easy Weight Loss & Maintenance Plan and Recipe Book to help others while on my journey to excellent health. This time, I am not relying solely on Protein Shakes and expensive products anymore, but rather a healthier approach to weight loss. In addition, it is coming off and not RETURNING. Visit Facebook

Create your own cleansing juices and salads

The ultimate goal of this program is rid your body of toxins and to ultimatley to improve your health. Weight release is the BONUS!

Cleansing Drink Recipes

Awesome recipes for cleansing….


Cleansing Smoothie Recipes

Create some awesome smoothies that cleanse your body for toxins….


Cleansing Salad recipe

Create an awesome salad to cleanse and nourish….


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Tips for Living

Here are great tips to help you on your journey

Improve your mood with food and minerals

(a) Use Chromium for moods and cravings Research has discovered that making sure we get enough of the mineral “chromium” helps to balance our blood sugar levels. Find good supplements.[…]

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Why Minerals?

Here is awesome book all about minerals and what they can do for your body! Click on the link below:

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Eat food for a healthy and happy brain chemistry

Dr John Gray, the author of “The Mars and Venus Diet and Exercise Solution” suggests eating foods listed below to assist in creating positive thoughts, emotions and a balanced brain[…]

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