Eat food for a healthy and happy brain chemistry

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Eat food for a healthy and happy brain chemistry

Dr John Gray, the author of “The Mars and Venus Diet and Exercise Solution” suggests eating foods listed below to assist in creating positive thoughts, emotions and a balanced brain chemistry.

Eating to Produce Serotonin For Females: For a healthy and happy brain chemistry

Serotonin is a brain chemical that gives women the feelings of comfort, happiness, good relations and optimism. This important chemical is produced from specific amino acids contained in the proteins we eat. The unfortunate symptoms of low serotonin are a direct result of a female’s diet and exercise routine. A healthy breakfast is essential for women in order to produce normal levels of serotonin which will last throughout the day. The pineal gland is directly responsible for the production of serotonin throughout the day and melatonin to aid in a healthy night’s sleep. A deficiency in serotonin producing foods and nutrients results in a host of specific undesirable symptoms in women such as depression and emotional eating. Research reveals that all obese women can be serotonin-deficient.

parsley seaweed dates
papaya mushrooms sweet potato
onions pecans watermelon
celery squash carrots
beets apricots oranges
mangoes strawberries grapefruit
chilli peppers sunflower seeds pumpkin
guava almonds  tomatoes (Roma)
pumpkin seeds sesame seeds  potatoes
brussels sprouts wholemeal flour figs
1/2 banana grapes buckwheat

Eating to Produce Dopamine For Males for a healthy and happy brain chemistry

Dopamine is a brain chemical that gives men energy and motivation. This important chemical is produced from specific amino acids contained in the proteins we eat. When males are deficient in dopamine, they tend to seek out behaviours that stimulate the production of more dopamine to feel energized i.e sports, action movies etc.  Another common deficiency of dopamine is ADD & ADHD.

To produce more dopamine, include the following foods in a balanced diet. To produce more dopamine, men need to be a little more careful with high glycemic foods. Not only do they lessen the production of brain chemicals, but they produce a spike in serotonin, which tends to lower a male’s levels of dopamine.

egg whites whey adzuki, kidney, soya, lima, black, mung beans & lentils   (Eat in moderation)
crab white fish lobster
clams skim milk cottage cheese
shrimp turkey chicken
wholemeal english muffins liver tuna
flax bread low fat yoghurt salmon
oysters steak lean lamb
oatmeal scallops duck
sardines tofu mozzarella cheese
ground beef mackerel whole egg
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